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2/08/12 Mick Davenport Wrote -

Q.I see you work with all breed of hunting dogs, do you have a favor breed of dogs you like to work with the most?

A. I hear this question a lot and to simply put it, the answer is YES. My favor dog is any good dog regardless of the breed. I appreciate every opportunity I get to work with dogs as I value every breathe I take. I enjoy it the best I can before taking my next breathe. Any good dog is a my favor breed.  

1/2/11 Justin Erion wrote

Q. Typically how many weeks does it take to finish the foundation program and how many birds do you typically go through during this program and what is your cost per bird?

A. As stated in the training page, the foundation is a 30 day program, The average dog will make contact with 100 ~ 120 birds during the course and we may harvest 10~15 birds over your dog during this time. As always you are only billed for the birds expired in training. The average cost for birds is between $50~$70. However, certain dogs may require more birds to out bring their natural instinct, we usually can identify these dogs early in the course and in those rare instance you will be notified accordingly.

6/24/10 Terry Verbach wrote

Q Do you provide the training yourself or do you have hired trainers? 

A: We do not "out source" out training nor have "junior trainers" on staff, Steve Chang is the sole trainer, he takes pride and responsibility for the results in each dog.   

12/09/09 Craig Eland wrote

Q: Steve, I have a Rat Terrier that I like to teach it to hunt birds, she seems to have a great nose, can you train a dog as such?

A: We can give it a shot, I think every dog deserves a chance. But I also think there are a lot better bird dogs than a RT, those are bred for bird hunt specifically eventually will save time (read money) and they are much enjoyable to gun over. There is nothing wrong hunting with a RT just as there is nothing wrong to clean fish with a butter knife but there are more practical knifes for the task such as a fillet knife.   

01/09/08 By Bruce Moore

Q: Steve, You mentioned Purina ProPlan is that what you feed?

A :I believe Purina ProPlan is the" Track & Field Diet" for the sporting dogs and YES, that is what I feed.

10/29/08 By Craig and Leslie McPherson twohearts@comcas....wrote

Q: Steve, We have a young Brittany that we are considering to have you campaign in NSTRA field trial, we are not too concerned about winning, but more important to have him enjoy the experience during off season, can you tell us if you have any opening and what are the requirements.

Hello Craig, I understand field trial is not all about winning, but by definition, to compete is to win. To start, only less than 1% of all birddogs will make trial contender, for those with the the ability to be come a trial dog, I will make sure it receives the exposure and proper development to be a competitive dog. It takes correct training, conditioning and experience to reach the top, it's a commitment from you and I to make this happen. I'll be glad to offer a evolution session and to talk about our plans. Please give me a call when you get a chance.   Steve

8/21/08 By Janice Wear

Q: Do you offer boarding service?

Hi Janice, we are a sporting dog kennel, we prefer take on dogs among the hunting breed to up keep that image. So, yes, we do offer boarding as long it's a bird dog. Please call us for current rates, we will be glad to help you.

1/24/08 keith.mehls@com....wrote

Q. Where do I take my dog, where do we start and how much will you be covering in the 30 day class

Our spring facility is located in Franktown., Colorado
Every dog start with the foundation program. Assuming dog has no known problems to begin with, after the 30 days, majority (97%) leave here pattern / hunt to the front, showing confidence for the field, point & hold game to a certain extent and gun broke. In the process they will be exposed to many aspects, landscape and objectives as in hunting situation. Though, each dog develop in their own rate, some may be more advanced or otherwise. 


9/17/05 hook4bass@ya....wrote

Q: Steve, I plan on to send Amy to you in the spring of 2006, so far, I've teach her the basic obedience stuff and I wan to see if there anything I should prepare before turning her over to you

Daniel, Sounds like you are off to a good start with Amy. Instill basic obedience at her age certainly is a good thing, with that, you are teaching her “how to learn”. I find pups with that type of experience early in life usually excel in my program when it comes time for their formal training. Here is a list of thing that you can do on your own for the preparation, feel free to call me if you have any more questions, I'm looking forward to see Amy in the spring.

  • Socialize pup, expose pup to people and with other dogs, that means you need to do more than just let it playing with family member or a neighbor's dog. Try take pup with you to many places as much as you can, even if it's just a car ride to the store.
  • Practice the basic obedience (here, heel, no, kennel etc) but do not teach it to sit
  • Introduce play retrieve but don't do the tug-a-war.
  • Let pup explore the outdoors as much as possible, but don't just drop the tail gate and let it roll on his own, you should always go with him and keep him in touch with you.
  • Do be afraid of making mistakes therefore you end up doing nothing with the dog.

4/28/05  rosfil@arer....wrote

Q: Hi there, If I elect to send a dog by air cargo, what's the closest airport to you?

Hi Jim, We are near D.I.A (Denver International Airport), please allow 2 day notice so we can arrange for pick up. Shipping need to be freight pre-paid, also remember to ID your crate so we can return in the same crate it comes in. 

4/4/05    brakus232@ya...wrote

Q: Steve,  This is the first time we have a dog train by a professional, we would like to know if there are any hidden charges we should be aware of ?

A: Hello Tonya, include with the monthly fee is the training, boarding, feed and parasite manager in this case we administer Ivomectin. What is not included in the charge is bird fees, grooming & vet bill (if apply). We use multiple recall stations in our training program, these birds are “recycled” to keep your fees to a minimum, in most cases, at the finishing stage of the training, birds are shot for the dog, at that time the bird fee may be $70~100 a month.

 3/20/05   minstad@ms....wrote

Q: I see you mainly work with setter, GSP, Brittany and pointer but didn’t mention anything about wirehair, is that a breed you train? If not, can you refer me to some one who does?

A:  Michelle, Previously mentioned are the most common breed we see day in and day out and we have trained all breeds including pointing labs. Regardless of the breed, each birddogs is a unique individual, they have their distinctive personality and mature at their own rate. Each dog and breed is trained the same, that's with my "gentle hands" approach.

1/21/05  lucasp@ap.....wrote

Q: Are you planning on having weekend classes this spring?  I have a red setter which will be one year old in March and would like to participate in the classes.

Hi Peter, The 2005 class starts the first Sat in March, I will contact you with more information once we  finalize the schedule. As I remember, you've already started your pup with some basic training (gun broke, retrieve, here... etc), with that, you should be ready for the intermediate class.  P.S Stay off the sit command 



07/03/01 lindseylee@ya....wrote

Q: This is great news! We'll be sending in our deposit shortly. I do have a few quick other questions for you though. I wanted to confirm that the price is $600 (as listed on your website) and that our $100 deposit will be applied to the purchase price. Also, I wanted to find out at what age you wean the pups from the mom. Can you help me understand your process a bit more clearly? Will you contact us if we are able to get one of the pups and then we will visit and make our selection?

A: The $100 deposit is a part of the total, another word, the balance $500 is due at the time of pick up. Normally, we do not wean the pups based on a timed schedule, we let the mama dog make that decision, usually is when she can no longer tolerate their puppy teeth it can be anywhere during 3~5 week before they start on the solid diet. I also start their collar conditioning and potty training at that age, so by the time they leave here at 7~8 weeks of age they are used to having a lead on the collar and most are 80~90% potty trained. I'll provide you with a set of instructions for you to follow through after getting home to complete their potty training. You may pick any pup in this breeding based on the order your deposit is received, we can always help you making the selection to ensure you end up with a pup with the personality to match your lifestyle, don't be afraid to ask. 
The standard deed such as dew claw and tail docking goes with out saying, each will have their first vaccination and worm manager before leaving here at 7~8 weeks of age.
You may visit us as soon as their eyes are open, usually that's right about 17-day old and we will make weekly posting of their picture on our web site at around the same time so every one can watch them grow up with us. I hope I answered your questions, feel free to call me if I missed anything.

01/11/01 debswan@ya.....wrote

Q: I’m looking for my first hunting dog, but we don't need a field trial dog.  What can you tell us about your breeding?

A: Hi Dave, Thank you for you inquiry. Form a breeder point of view, in my opinion, there is no difference between the two (trial or hunting). The difference lies in the way of training, even that, it’s only in their range. With me, a hunting dog is trained to quater with in 60~100 yard, I may let the trial dogs stretch as far as I can see them.  In your case, I would recommend selecting a pup that is not as independent, which in many cases a independent pup can get rangy.

1/12/02 penguin@roof......wrote

Q: Hi Steve, This is Linda Dysart, as it turned out, we can not accept a pup this spring, I'm going in for my hip surgery in March and my husband and I won't be able to take care the pup under the condition, so can you refund our deposit?

A: Hi Linda, We regret to hear about your surgery, I hope all is going to be well. As you probably know we haven't cash your check yet. We don't normally cash in the deposit till the pups are born, we will return you check today, please keep us in mind when you are ready. Get Well Soon!!  Steve



04/01/05  fastline@m......wrote

Q: Hello Again, Bess started spotting last night and we would like to bring her by next weekend, is there any thing we need to bring?

 A: Hi Brad, you need to bring a signed negative of Brucelosis report from a vet and the stud fee for the breeding.       

3/04/01 drhoff@ms.....wrote

Q: Steve, Is Bugsy liver factored?

A: Dennis, It's not to my knowledge, I don't see any liver dogs in his 7 gen pedigree, I would say he is not.

4/30/02 duramaxx@peop....wrote

Q: If we decide to send you our female, what's your nearest airport ?

A: Mike, We are 35 min south-west of Denver International. Common carriers used are United, Northwest, Delta, AA and Southwest. Please send her freight P-P, preferably a direct flight. Please provide 1-day notice before sending her, so we can arrange for her pick up. 

6/17/02  coveydan@tal.....wrote

Q: Steve, we like your Bugsy dog, I'm thinking of breed my 2 year old female to him, would you accept a pick of the litter puppy instead of stud fee?

A: Hi Dave, thank you for asking. Please tell me more about your female, if she is a dog along the bloodlines we have in our program, I would consider keeping a pup constitute the stud fee. Provide you do a good job raising and starting the litter. If this is not something you have done in the past, we can help you as much as needed. However, one thing you should know before hand, raising a litter right is quite chore, but its not rocket science  : )



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