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Sire:  BBB’s Lucky Strike “ Brady” OFA BS-12915

Brady is a superstar in our current string, he is naturally gifted in many ways including strong retrieving and backing instinct, he backs as he is on point. On the ground game Brady runs a fast shooting dog race with lots animation and high cracking tail. Brady has great bird sense, goes to the birds he hits the scent hard, holds them high on both ends, standing tight with extreme intensity and confidence, his style on game takes to a new level in today's field Brittany. He has done very well consider in his limited exposure in field trial competitions winning the 2008, 2010 & 2011 Rocky Mountain NSTRA High Point Award and elected in the RM HOF as recent in 2012.
Brady puts a lot of quality in to his pups, many looks much like himself with great muscle tone and bone structure that is will within the breed standard. Brady is a direct descendent of 12 generations of most elite field trial competitors, which include many National Field Champion and Hall Of Fame nominees, he wears a flat orange and white coat. You may learn more about Brady in the Stud Dog section of our site. Click here for Pedigree

Dam: Sadie My Pick (5X CHSouthplatte Gangster X MY Wild child roxy)

Sadie is a striking white and orange female Brittany, weight 34lb, 18" at the shoulders. She comes from strong field trial heritage, she is sired by 5XCH Southplatt Gangster and born to My Wild Child Roxy (FC AFC Sniksoh Little Rascal X Daisy My Pick), I have trained and raised this line of Brittany for over a decade and she is a perfect representation of her pedigree- a well rounded birddog. She is packed with tremendous amount of bird finding desire yet, she is very easy to handle, naturally working in a shooting dog range, Sadie is swift on her feet, effortlessly gliding through the fields like the wind, she has excellent ground speed and working hard in the objectives to find game, she has a lot of nose and smart as a whip, it’s a bird-dog-delight watching her taking the field. Around the house she is laid back and easy going, she is quiet in the kennel. Her preliminary OFA result is excellent. Click here for pedigree 


Breeding Characteristics:

  • Obviously, a well decorated pedigree
  • Striking style that takes your breath away
  • Personality that will steal your heart
  • Well balanced physique
  • They should point with extreme intensity
  • Lot's of brains & class  
  • Short flat orange and white coat
  • 39lb male, 32~35lb female (adult)
  • Smooth gait, excellent speed yet easy to handle.
  • Lots of natural ability, retain their training well, should be easy to train 
  • Natural retriever & strong backing instinct
  • Trusty nose and great stamina


    All pups are tail docked and dew claws removed. We require a $200 deposit to show your commitment, the balance is due at pick up, the picking order is based on the date your deposit is received. Each pup will have their first shot and treated for worms before leaving for their new home around 8 weeks of age. 


    Reservation List:

    • Troy Crabbs, Leon Lillam, Steve Churchfield
    • Mike Dimond, Lee Morris, Ethan Hilberg


    Litter Due date: JAN 12 2013

    Price: $800/male || $850/female













    Litter Updates:

    • Week 1
    • Week 2
    • Week 3

    On Jan. 16, 2013,  7 (4M&3F) beautiful puppies where born to Sadie. They all are well marked in orange / white and fairly even in size. As 3 days old, these are the liveliest puppies for their age and Sadie is doing a fantastic job taking care of them. ( note. the orange glow is direct reflection of the heat lamp).







    Week Two: Their tails are now docked and the dewclaws are also removed this week. They nearly doubled in weight yet all are still pretty much the same size with in ½ oz of each other.








    Their eyes started to open earlier this week. They are also starting to develop their motor skills. I know this because Wednesday morning all of them had gotten out of the whelping box one time or another. They are not making it easy for the mama dog Sadie, but I think she is doing a good job keeping her inventory straight. 











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