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If you can start the day with out coffee, can get along with others without Prozac, can always be cheerful and tolerate aches and pains, can resist bothering others with your troubles, can eat the same food daily and be grateful, can understand your love ones are too busy to give ties, can overlook when the ones you love blaming you for mistake-- though no fault of ours, can take criticism and blame with out resentment, can overlook your friend’s limited education and never correct them, can refrain treating richer friends better than the poorer, can treat the world without lie and deceit, can deal with stress without liquor then you are almost as good as these dogs that I'm so proud that was a chapter in their life.



2012 Godfather gundogs trial string

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Champions of the past

Here are a few very special dogs that crossed our path. They made this world a much better place for us.

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